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"About My Indecent Daughter I'm a 16yo girl, living in South East Asia region. Most people will think that I'm a really good and innocent girl. Well, I'm good. I behave accordingly, never miss church time, straight-A's students. What they don't know about is my naughty sexual thought. I have a BF but we haven't got any far. I don't know why, maybe because of the nature of our environment, like we're labeled as good child, we're asians (it's quite taboo for pre-marital s** in my country). I have something that really bothered me, up until I decide to look it up on internet and post my confession here. It happened about 1 month ago. I have the urge to tease and having s** with my own dad. The thought of having his arm hold me, while f****** me hard, really almost unbearable at some point. My dad usually stay at home, since he's a contractor and nowadays he doesn't get any project. While my mom is a business woman and traveled abroad for business opportunity, quite a lot. It leaves us the time for the two of us, my dad and I. At first, I don't have any clue about it. Well, I never really put a thought about it. I have my own fantasies but never involve my dad. So, last month, I finished my shower in the afternoon and got out with only quite a small towel to cover up my body. My dad saw me and commented "never get out of the bathroom with only a towel, you're already grown up, especially with a man in a house". I didn't know, what caught my mind, I smiled at him and flashed him my body. Just for a brief moment, like 1 second. His face.. was like really shocked and has rendered him speechless. I then walked to my room. From that moment on, this wild thought of seducing my dad is coming wild. To be honest, I was changed drastically. I admit; I tried to seduce him even more. Even though that he seemed to be strong and know his position. One night, I was dressed in my pajamas, with no bra (intentional). I went out to look for my dad in the living room, since he like to watch late night tv show. I told him that I couldn't sleep and want to spend my time watching tv too, so I can get my eyes tired. I caught his eyes several times, ogling my pajamas, as it was cream color and you kinda see it through with the right angle of light. So.. I let him. Nothing happened though. And I don't know what will come next. I'm really feeling bad about this and I don't want anything to change our happy family."

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