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"How do I handle it I met my wife over 12 years ago and we now have 3 kids together over that time period. I have been recently having issues with how I view her because of a incident that is still fresh in my mind today. Before I met my wife, my brother met her first and they talked on the phone and stuff and hung out. I was told by both of them that they never had s** though. Long story short she ended up falling for me being that the two and a half weeks my brother talked to her nothing never came out of it and I knew that my brother had about 3 more girls he was messing with besides her. About 2 years ago I came across information that contradicted there account between the two of them, they actually did have s** in that two and a half week time frame and it has been driving me crazy every since. When we argue, I go overboard because that pops up in my mind always, Im now uncomfortable with them being alone at all. This is so far in the past but it still controls me till this day. Any suggestions would help, thanks."

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