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"I am just warning people that these travel holiday clubs and cruise companies are evil and satanic. they rip people off and i don't know what they do with the free stuff they might give it to other people but something about them is occult satanic evil like and my guess is whoever takes up the freebies ends up a sucker and evil things happen to them. that is my honest opinion, anything given and offered in evil reflects the companies own evil intentions and then it must follow on to whoever uses it. that is evil and kama for you. they know how to mess in customers heads and if I signed up to a golf club or sports club or gym membership I would expect to be treated better. never gave me any reminder or curtesy calls that a honest business would do. something felt evil about mario stalking me from megacruises and the other weird lot at premium that rang the day i tried to gift my flights to my teacher and they have no right using that information and if they do I will punish them in due time. you can be sure of that. I hex them companies that rip off people holiday clubs and scammers. I hex them with the devil. and I ask in the name of jesus for their victims to be set free and compensated and supported. someone has to expose the companies and the people and the evil behind the companies. the evil people who own the companies. the asians who have no souls and they are like aliens they are not human. they are out to make all us white westerners beggers. they all evil its tribe against tribe and race against race and you don't know who to trust cuz none of them a trust worthy they all out to steal from you and there is a reason who they pick on and abuse. we were also followed and stalked online to fill out surveys and be winners for bullshit. don't come into any of that free ipad, free mobile, free coffee machine, all lies. you have to pay postage and for other shit like connection fees and its not free. nothing is free. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't hack into your emails and god knows what. they professional scammers. "

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