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"I'm an18 year girl. For the last 6 years I have lived with my mom's friend Donna while mom works in LA. Starting on the night mom left for LA, Donna has been molesting me. She makes me eat her several times a day. And suck her tits all the time. She took my cherry with a dildo on my 13 birthday. And masterbates or eats me until I cum. I hate her for using me like this. And making me cum by her hand and mouth. Last month, she let me go to a party and I let 4 guys fuck me. But I felt nothing. I barely got wet and didn't come. When I got home, I started to cry. I undressed and crawled into bed with Donna and sucked her tits on my own then went down on her without her forcing me. I ate her for a long time and she grabbed my head and held it in place as she had a squirting organism. I had no choice but to swallow her cum. I found for the first time I enjoyed the taste of it. Suddenly my body betrayed me and I also came without being touched. I hate this, Donna has trained me to only cum with her. I am completely fucked up. I want to cum with a guy but can only cum with her. I don't want to be a lesbian, but came on cum with Donna. "

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