By Anonymous on Abuse,

"When I was in high school the quuen bee decided to abuse me. I was a bit alone and suddenly I was a part of the in group. But there was a cost. She would feel me up. She would sit beside me in class and put her hand up my skirt and in my panties. I froze. I was trapped though. I was embarrassed. Confused too i guess. But I had seen other girls frozen out and i knew the school could not protect then and my parents would never send me to a different school. So I just did what she said. It progressed. I tried to wear pants but she told me to wear a skirt or I would be out and I knew out meant right out in the cold on my own. When she felt like it, she would assign somone else to sit beside me and feel me up. There were other girls too who were in my situation and sometimes I was assingened to feel one of them up. There were times when i was physically sick with guilt and worry and fear and confusion. "

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