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"i woke up to ken and leighs and game. of the beauty and the butch! yeh, this rapist wants you to see him as beautiful and me as the butch who did him wrong. but i ask you how can a virgin lead sexually ??????? how can a virgin wrong and seduce a man? they might have an idea or past expereince of some sexual things but not of real sex so how can a virgin female wrong a older married expereinced man ? he aint no beauty either and i am no butch! or bitch. just a honest god fearing woman. if i was that powerful would i be here? or would i be slaying other men and probably married by now with kids right. and even when my boss almost was acting like he was going to come on to me after my grandfather died. i deliberately moved away. i was bought up to not have affairs with married men or never mix work and love. no your boundaries! and when i found myself falling for doctors or xray guys or coaches i backed off. anyway, jordon was the one who harmed me. not a nice thing to do either and made me think twice about his morals. would i be here if i was all powerful and a man slayer seducer? no. unlikely! i think any court would laugh that idea out of this idiots and all this devil tricks he has played with the yellow and blue cancer game and the um, golden diaper name , sorry but no woman finds this funny! all the violent words the threats and verballing fake assing it and lies and con scams of ken and his wife. really are so pathetic. he as a devils tatoo so what does that tell you? what made these navy men think they were on sure winners to score with girls? i think leigh has a lot of explaining to do getting me assaulted and another girl having concussion. its criminal and its just so immoral and i can't live or support a country or culture that accept this as normal or ok or to be silenced. "

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