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"Unfortunate Every once in awhile...I miss Jordan. A lot. I liked him a lot. This sort of thing happens to me a lot. Meeting guys who train me or teach me or work with or ambulance or police officers who have helped me and I know I am not what they are looking for. they would like me more if I was who I was 30 years ago or 17 years ago. because we have a professional relationship I never push it any further. I have nothing to say about the hurt other then it hurts being alone. I miss all the guys I liked at college and university I couldn't get with. now i rarely meet men. i just am always surrounded by fat ass whore sluts thrice married dogs out on the hunt for more cock somewhere. the bitches want to hug me and they make me sick. even at the church they wouldn't let me mix with any men and it wasn't even a catholic church. I have met some good looking men that I know would never go out with a girl like me back then or a woman like me now. i get sick of leso around bullying me when i am not a leso and i look at a lot of hot men. even with education or degrees or anything men don't like red hair and you have to rich and drop dead beautiful so they die on the spot! i only want a nice guy not any of the losers from my past."

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