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"if you had real incest story to tell you would tell it. i have told you to go somewhere and get help or stop writing just incest or go to another page. you are not wanted on here. get it. got it. good! cuz i have reported you. others ae sick of just one word confessions it means nothing. you are projecting abuse on to others. i don't do incest and i am a incest survivor and won't be your victim! so find a new platform cuz it isnt here. and you can't make people do incest just cuz you are obsessed with it. go get professional help. i have never come across one incest or child sex abuse victim who has not needed or wanted to tell there story to everyone and not care who hears it. so i don't even believe you. i think you think you can mind control and sad fact is you cant. god isnt gonna let you. go fight god, that is who you are fighting here. "

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