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"im 19 and live in a small town in the im 19 and live in a small town in the midwest. i finally admitted to myself that i was gay a year ago. since then, ive had "the talk" with my parents, but they still think they can cure me because homosexuality is a "sin" and a "deathstyle." because of my faith, im not allowed to be me, they say. ive told my best friends, and they support me fully. but they p*** me off sometimes because they've told a lot of people they shouldn't have. i am happy with myself, i just couldn't stand up to my church or other friends who are less supportive. but my best friends have kept me through it. they've kept me from doing things. i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them. i'd be dead. sometime i wish i was, just to make it easier."

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