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"just a minor event in my life im a 14 yr old girl, moved to a small town in texas at the age of 10, and it just happens to be an extremely rich town, which i am definately not. my sister(16) is the gorgeous one and im the smarter mensan..i dont think im ugly guys do ask me out a lot (just trying to paint a picture not bragging) ive drank and mysister has done a lot because shes the preppy cheerleader whenever people hear my last name they always assume its about her and even guys younger than me think theyre in love with her. she makes friends with all these girls my age who could ruin a life in 10 seconds...i still looked up to her. until yesterday when she brought home a girl my age- my mortal enemy AND she started smoking. im an asthmatic and smoking kill my grandpa. my life is about to go 180 downhill"

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