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"like I am just gonna tell you now working in dental assisting is not all its cracked up to be. you have to work with bad breath and difficult old people and biting wacking children , you have to do everything perfect quickly. you have to clean out the spit tray funnels and all the instruments have to be cleaned coded and batch numbered and recorded on a log every time several times a day, and sterile and you must obey the order of command with the contaminated and non-contaminated zones and patients vomit you have to clean it up by the laws and standards set in the area and you risk hiv aids and other pathogens and you will make a lot of mistakes when you start with the suction and I did work experience at a practice with 7 dentists and it was awful and they were not nice at all. no one is nice to each other unless your one of them and most times they only employ young staff and its really annoying having your legs near someone you hate and and that is all overdone and also it is not easy breathing in a mask for fresh air. there are heaps of codes you have to know for the computer and most colleges are expensive and bullying and so are the workers. just warning. you just a glorified utensil cleaner really and you will get complaining hard to please people in medical areas in reception they will pick on you and bully you and when they want to sack you or redundant you they just will or make your life hell til you resign. "

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