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"people say I have heaps of money and I don't I need a job. I don't have a husband and I have no investments or superannuation and savings. I thought I would be working after university in my 20s. I expected better then this. I thought by now I would have had a few lovers and career changes by now and be married with kids and enjoying lifes rewards. instead of this shit. i own no home of my own. i have no car. i need at least a part time job and i literally pray to win lotteries to have a future. i pay out stacks of money for education for skills to sell to sell my time to make income but nothing i study is ever good enough sellable skill or expertise. i am just chasing my tale. i am sick of this. i had my first holiday last year in 20 years. i became a zombie looking for work and bullied at russos and I deserve better then her sluthouse spastic faced shit. if someone should be labelled the anti-christ it should be her. spastic ugly senile old bat witch nutter! she is."


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