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"why I stopped going to taxiride concerts- michelle told me they were making fun of rape and that turned me off them, the drugs and people being hit and I found out soon it was not the world I wanted to be in. I only went for the music and then it got tacky over time and I lost interest cuz I had bigger issues and no money by 2001 and then by 2002 I was studying and had no money to see them much and lost interest in music in general cuz I couldn't find work and love so I stopped loving everything and looking for work became my addiction and nothing ever worked out so I gave up making things workout. now I don't give a stuff about much other then myself cuz others stopped caring about me or what they said to or about me - so I did it back to everyone and still do. so that is why I stopped caring about others. when you don't have your ego being caressed, work or income or love enough you stop liking other people or being nice. I am so selective who I am nice to now. I got sick of giving quality to get shit back inreturn so I stopped giving anything to others but their own shit back at them."

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