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"I am ready to quit! I have 4 children and I am married. My husband and I are not in the best of shape as far as this relationship is concerned. We have been married for almost 10 yrs and frankly I am starting to get a little fed up with him. It seems as though this marriage has been all about him. Every decision every move all about him and then when things go wrong financially like they are now, he blames it on me not havig a job! I had a nice paying job before he got his second promotion and we moved. we were doing fine when he got the first promotion and then 3 months later he got another one, (without even considering my feels or thoughts as usual.) He makes a decision to move us again. I did not say anything I just made the most of it and now here we are again struggling financially. I do not want to move back home and live with my father in law like we were before all the moving took place and besides his family just don't like me because I won't let them run my household. So now we are back to the here and now and that is my marriage. I am tired of this emotional roller coaster that Iam being put on with him and when I try to talk to him about it he turns it around like Idone something wrong and says, "then leave that is what you want to do anyway." and I never said anything about leaving. He blames me for not getting along with his family and he always looks over what they do to me. I tell him that I prefer not to be around them too long because they do and say little sneaky things that he never sees. We are financially exhausted and this move has proved to be an utter flop! but I don't say anything because he frustrates me and with the possibility of any argument I might just pack up and go. I am at my wits end and I can't even cry anymore. My life is just not like I expected and I am stuck and can't fix it. I struggle to get out of bed every morning and if it were not for my kids I probably would have left him a long time ago....I love him but I can't handle all this pressure.....I am so bogged down with responsibility and trying to stay above water that I feel so isolated. No one understands me so I don't tell anyone how I feel I just stay to myself and try to find a focus....It is so hard sometimes I don't want to wake up from sleeping with my eyes wide open because I am afraid that change will come in an instant and I might miss it......I am so tired I want my life back before all of this.....Iwant everything to be back to normal for me.....I want to pick up my dreams and goals where I left them and begin again........I want so much ......I want ....I want.......but nobody cares."

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