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"Last year when school started, my life was great. I met this girl who had just moved to my school and soon became my best friend. We knew we were going to be best friends for life and we were pretty much inseparable. I met this other girl who became my second best friend and she's hilarious. I had liked this boy the entire year. But after February started, everything went downhill. I went out with the guy I liked, and for the first two or three days it was great. Then I relized he was an a**hole and I broke up with him.e and my best friend started to fight, but of course we made up. Then, in march, my best friend moved from new York to Florida. We were so depressed we spent an intire night together on FaceTime. She moved and I was depressed, but my second best friend and I grew closer. In June, my best friend moved back from Florida without telling me. We soon started to fight again b/c she thought I liked my second best friend better, which I don't. Then we stopped talking, which is hard b/c we r on the same basketball team and she hates me now for no reason. I really miss her. And I don't want to be friends with my second best friend b/c she is disgusting and I don't want to follow her down the path of doing drugs. This drama sucks! I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?"

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