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"I am living a lie I love my husband and my children.....But, my husband can be such a selfish j*** sometimes.....EVERYTHING is about him - his job, his stress, his needs, his culture, his family, his f****** everything!!! Since we have been together, I have suffered through many struggles, loss of father, loss of many other family members, job stress, parenting stress - you name it - not once, not f****** once has he ever been there for me - he has also gone through some difficulties - job stress, loss of grandparents, I have always been there for him and provided whatever he needed and he has treated me like s*** throughout. I am so f****** done with this man, but I have 3 children and refuse to leave the marriage - I came from a divorced home and trust me, kids want their parents together - they don't worry about whether they are happy or not. My husband is a selfish d***, but I sincerely believe it is better for my kids (3) that I stay married to him. he makes me feel like a complete incompetent ass - it is only through my interactions with others that I feel like a valuable person. I have a post graduate degree (I am an attorney) and yet my husband has the ability to make me feel like a complete idiot. I can't leave him, but I wish I never met him....."

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