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"I'm 30 y/o. I don't want a girlfriend, I just wanna play sometimes, when I feel like it. All my friends are engaged and I think their life is way too boring ! I'll be honest : I also have a bad temper and I need my space. I just can't live with someone every day of my life and I don't want it. But I loooooooooove women ! I need them, I want them, especially engaged ones... (yes it's the ugly part !). So every once in a while, by internet or real life (there is sooooo much cheating women everywhere), I meet a girl, engaged or married and we have fun, one or many times. I don't lie to them, they all know from the beginning what they can expect from me or not. To confess more... I also like to make them do crazy stuff for me. It's wrong but sooooooo good !"

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