By Anonymous on Adultery, Pride, Envy, Anger, Covetousness, Gluttony, Lechery, Sloth, Murder, Love, Treason, Assault, Lie, Lose of faith, Death, Didnt forgive, Abuse, Hate, Prejudice, Roadkill, Animal abuse, Children abuse, Fight, Violence, Masturbation, Gay, Rape, Fraud, Questioning God, Vandalism, Forbidden Fetish, Stupidity, Hacking, Burglary, Ilegal software, Drugs, Dealing and selling drugs, Being a country singer, Pimping, Prostitution, Pedophile, Worship satan, Being a bum, Stealing, Spilling a drink, Making someone Uncomfortable, Embarrassing, Incest, Bribe, Peeing in someones yard, Being drunk, Having sex befor the wedding, Divorce, Marriage, Ignoring privacy, Genocide, Blasphemy, General, Sex,

"when i found out i had aids in 2003, i was FURIOUS, i felt everyone should suffer. So i delibratly cut myself and threw my blood on people, i would screw any walking thing i saw, man or women then i found out about a man named god, and now im a priest at one of the most respected churches of Iraq, "St.Lalijama Osamabaloo of Atheists" I ask god for my forgivness and now i ask forgiveness for those i spread StD's to"

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