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"My English is really poor, so forgive me for my English and trust my confession. I'd like to confess all the bad things that i have done. First, i am really sloth. i know what to do but i never do them, even a little bit. i never pay any effort for my study, even though i know how much my parents have paid for my oversea study. and i lie to them, i am really sorry. for my boy friend, i lie to him and never tell him, i am really sorry. for my family, i lie to them about my parents, i am really sorry. for my friends, i have lied to them, almost everything, i am so jealous and stupid, i am really sorry and want to change it. i am such a stupid person, i want to suicide all th time but fear to death. i eat so much and never lose fat. i have no self control. Oh, dear God, please help me, sincerelly, i nead your help, please lead me, i really want to be a better person. i am really sorry. i appolisize for all the bad things i have done. Sorry!"

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