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"I helped my girlfriend open her first email account when we started dating. A few months after, she took a 4 months trip abroad, but we still stayed together. I kept checking her email every day or two, only to see if she's faithfull or not. I finally found out that she is faithfull and really loves me (by reading conversations of her friends). I told myself that i will stop doing it, but i haven't, although we got back together. Today, she's my ex-girlfriend, but i still keep reading her mail. I keep saying that i love her, but how can it be true if i wasn't able to trust her when we were together. This is my deepest secret, i kept it for almost two years, and it will go to the grave with me. I don't think that anyone i know can forgive me, since i wasn't honest with the one person i suppose to love. "

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