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"Bar pickup I went to my usual watering hole for a few drinks. I see this woman I knew in high school, we had friends in common. She came over to say hi, I bought her a drink, she was there alone. She told me she came out for a drink to get away from her husband. She said she couldn't stand being home that night, he was in a bad mood so she came for a few drinks. I told her my wife wants to be home all the time, she never wants to do anything except for facebook and TV. We started talking about our old friends, she told me about one of our friends that passed away, I felt bad I didn't know anything about it. She said life's too short you have to do everything you can before your numbers up. I asked so is your husband an angry person. Yea she said he wasn't always like this and I really am having a hard time trying to decide if I still want to be married to him. I said I don't want to be married to my wife anymore we don't do anything or I have to go and do it alone. This woman was never slutty but she did have sex with 2 of my friends may years ago. I was getting horny thinking maybe she'd let me fuck her since she's as unhappy in her marriage as I am. I bought her another drink, she started touching me when she talked. That was making it even harder for me I liked her touching me but at the same time I didn't want to ask out of fear, rejection and others finding out I tried hitting on her. At one point she was looking at me, I felt she was possibly thinking the same thing. I leaned into her and kissed her. She kissed me back. Then the touching got a little more involved, she was rubbing my cock, oh God I said I want to love you girl. I want you too she said. We went out to my pickup truck. We were kissing and feeling each other up and down. She took her bra off but left her shirt on. Nice little tits, I was sucking her nipples and unbuttoning her pants, she got up, took her pants off and told me to fuck her. I took my pants off looking around I said let me move the truck under the trees where no one is parked. She started sucking my cock, oh man she felt great. I gave her oral sex as well. She climbed onto me sitting on the seat facing me and was riding me hot and heavy she was kissing me insanely at the same time. She had a lot of energy, I said your going to make me cum, you better get off. She didn't stop I said girl I'm going to cum in you. Go on please cum in my pussy do it so I did. We meet up every Thursday night at the bar and use my brothers camper in his yard to have sex in. It's close by and a really great set up for us cheaters unhappy home. I know we both love the excitement, the sex and have no plans to stop a good thing, I love her too much to stop. Now we're both making plans to divorce and be together. I do know at the rate we're going it's inevitable we're going to get caught cheating."


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