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"Black female former trick Craigslist and backpage, white men would use me, to the point Ive got Hiv been years now one day I was evicted had $50 to my name and some coke, my daughter who was 8 had nowhere to go I had gotva cheap room, i made quick $80 sucking dick, my daughter next bed, i was so high while guy was in room i was sucking him and he already gave me 100 so i whispered fuck my daughter extra i go in bathroom wait I hear her saying no stop and few i hear her screaming for help, i go he is on top seeing her helpless turnt me on her soul was leaving her eyes she was glaring at me i told her good girl after while she was quite blank he laid $100 on her chest she moaned, and came on her pussy, after we talk we turned tricks made enough for rent..but I dont wanna live nomore its hard those same guys infected me. I just wanna be bound and toruted to death, when die in shed or garage fuck my body and use it whenever so you wont get in trouble for Dna just burn me i am a worthless bitch cant provide for my own kid smh useless"


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