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"Creepy old guy stalking and often dresses as a man with blonde hair and goes shooting and honker bikering. Makes out into medical surgery but is not a surgeon at all. There’s this guy that I was seeing following me around for a few years . Very much older than I and I believed that he was violent and dangerous and still do today and want to avoid him unfortunately, until recently I found out he was stalking more woman on here and other places. Of course he was, I was pretty much his not his main victim from a relationship he was already in and was dressed up stalking many innocent people he accused of acts he was doing himself, you're typcial gaslighting freak with his many affairs he boasted about and how hot people thought she was when in drag but over 50. I should’ve ranted more and I know what he is capable of but police know his story and how he preys on people he sees as weak. He would stalk my ig page and my ex’s page as well because he was jealous I had moved on. So he would search for victims everywhere, it was very toxic he had walls of wrapped paper with gifts of off fish around his finger on string bags and I thought he loved just as much his thrills of rotten fish and benzene but was an idiot when I smelt it I was running around yelling "can you smell fire ? or is it just me" and he was conniving at his stalking. I found his planner where he has his whole life written down including all of the women he was sleeping with. There were small disgusting details about them and how often they had s** and used fish suggestively and loved to smell off . He wrote down how many times and when he’s gonna see them, how wet he was how fast he finished, he had a list on every other page I’m assuming ranking them on his scale of who he wants to keep around. I know he raped a few women and natruall I took what I could to police afterwards. But they had quite a history of him and his offenses against many. The worst part is that he has a daughter i wish I can post this planner and list up or send it to all those girls but I don’t think I have the guts too. I’m am forever haunted by this but I hope police get him for what he did to me and others and wish the worst for him, I wish I could take back what I’ve given and done for him. Idk what’s worse being him or being a person that loved him. Last I heard he was dressing as a mermaid in drunken bar gay clubs rolling in fish and I hope he is dead. "

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