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"Harvey was my grandmom's brother in law and I have known him all my life. I always called him uncle and was raised by my grandmom who died 4 years ago. I didn't know it but he owned the house we were living in. His wife was also deceased and since 2016 I have been living with him in the same house I grew up in. I always liked and got along with Harvey who was always considered part of the family. I was comfortable living with him right from the start. He's 77 years old and up until 8 months ago never saw me nude. He did see me in night clothes and in my bathing suit but never saw me completely undressed. Last year I broke up with a boyfriend I had been dating for over 3 years. I was very busy with work putting in many hours a week and my only outlet for sex was to masturbate. I'm 30 and began using a vibrator I bought online and within a few months had a drawer full of vibrators and dildo's. Harvey went away for a week 9 months ago telling me he would be back the following Sunday. That Friday I didn't get home til about 9pm and after I showered I laid in my bed naked and began stimulating myself with a few vibrator devices I have. I have massage type and penis shaped vibrators and am usually able to orgasm a few times using them. I must have spent at least a half hour satisfying myself and when I sat up Harvey was standing at my bedroom door which I never bothered to close and lock like I normally did thinking he was away until Sunday. I was in shocked not knowing he came home that day and so embarrassed I started to cry. Harvey just stood there roaring in laughter and clapping his hands. He pulled the door shut and walked away leaving me in tears and humiliation. Saturday morning I was afraid to go downstairs not knowing what I could possibly say to him. I finally built up the courage to face him and sheepishly went into the kitchen still embarrassed. Right away he told me to relax and said I was still young and had every right to masturbate and it was OK and healthy to do so. Then he began telling me how much he enjoyed watching me telling me he was at the door for 20 minutes. Then he began asking me about the devices I used meaning my vibrators. The conversation ended with him saying maybe I would show them to him sometime. The following weekend he asked me when I would show him my "toys" but I was still to embarrassed to even talk about them. a few weeks went by and he occasionally asked to see them and it was exactly 8 months ago this past Saturday I took him to my room and showed him all the things I had, a total of 14. He looked at them intently and some he turned on. Most of the vibrators are battery powered but 2 plug into a socket. He started asking questions about them saying he never saw any of this stuff before. Then he started pointing out that I orgasmed twice using the pink penis shape one and that the purple one was the one I had in my butt. It embarrassed me when he said all that but I have to admit I began getting wet and was aroused by the way he was talking about it. Then he began telling me how much he enjoyed watching me that night and asked if I could let him watch me again. I just told him how humiliating it was the night he caught me then he gave me a bunch of reasons for me to let him watch me again. During the next week every day Harvey asked to watch me and I knew now he was serious about it. that Friday night I worked late again and as soon as I got out of the shower Harvey was standing at my bedroom door. I had a large towel around me and all he did was wink at me and ask me to leave the door open. I thought he was kidding at first and went in my room shutting the door. He then knocked on the door and again asked me to leave it open. I don't know what came over me but just thought about how old he is and in a way it kind of excited me thinking about letting him watch me. It was like I was in a trance all the sudden. I took out most of my vibrators and as though he wasn't there took off the towel and laid down naked on the bed. Right away I was embarrassed but was aroused knowing he was there. I was so wet by then I didn't need a lubricant to start masturbating and soon inserted the pink vibrator into myself and without asking Harvey walked into my room and stood at the foot of my bed. I couldn't understand it at the time but I was so humiliated yet so excited and aroused I began to orgasm almost immediately. Eventually I inserted the smaller vibrator into my rectum and continued having orgasms and being embarrassed at the same time. After about 15 or 20 minutes I laid there exhausted and Harvey kept looking at my body with a broad grin on his face. He then said good night and said thank you before leaving the room. Each weekend since then either Friday or Saturday I let him watch me, that is until 5 months ago. It was a Friday again and as I was masturbating he just leaned over and took the vibrator out of my hand and began satisfying me. My orgasms by this time were so strong I often wanted to scream and probably have a few times. It still goes on every weekend and I am overly aroused with him masturbating me but am still embarrassed. He has slowly taken control and at times he has me in humiliating positions. When he does this I am usually so stimulated I do whatever he pleases. I don't ever want to have sex with him and doubt he would be able anyhow. I am almost positive he is impotent and often look to see if he has an erection. He doesn't ever undress but often is in pajamas and never has a bulge in his pants. We don't talk about it at all during the week but he just askes me every Friday morning whether he can see me that night or Saturday night. He never asks "if" it always "when". I still masturbate almost every night but find I am more aroused now when Harvey is in my room. As embarrassing as it is sometimes I truly enjoy him doing it for me."

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