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"Hello everyone I am 30-year-old Latino I met my mother-in-law when I was 19 years old I fell in love with her since the First time . She is 62years old white and is also deaf ,has a sexy black woman's type of body with the big butt sticking out small t*** big nipples and she's a natural redhead. She knows of my interest towards her so does my wife my wife told me to stop pursuing my goal with her mom her mom and I have done a few little things nothing much she has let me put my hands inside her pants Grab her ass and had a few dirty conversations her excuse always was "I cannot do this to my daughter" often when I go to her house I walk around with a h****** and she notices it . A couple times when she's been asleep on her chair I have pulled my c*** out and jacked off . I love smelling her dirty panties I love c****** on them .. I would like ideas on how to approach her and have some great s** with if any of you have some good I dead let me know. Thanks.."

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