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"I am gonna have to change drug stores because currently I am being charged an extra dollar for each script and the pharmacist is richer then me. You add that up over a year that is a fair bit of money. I have to save for any luxury like holiday or just about anything. As far as I know its at the discretion of the one running the store. So I am going to have to move as much as I like them but they are all in jobs and richer then me with degrees and I don't have a degree or own a house or have a career like that. I wouldn't mind if I was working but, no. I am not paying that and nor are rest of family. I never wanted to be on these meds anyway. I think that they are wrecking my system and I know the answers to good health and weight loss and seeing the pharmacy and doctors won't listen then I am going to be a bit bias. I pick up they want to pop us all off as quick as possible and I don't like the attitude. "

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