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"I broke up with my significant other few weeks ago because he was giving me such a hard time... we decided to remain friends, but after we broke up, i found out so many things about him that i didn't know; and obviously i didn't like wat i heard.. in fact, they grossed me out and made me not even want to talk to him anymore... the drama here is that right before we broke up, i was introduced to one of his good friends.. and even after we broke up, the guy and I kept talking and all, as if I were still going out with my ex... we're gay. and few days ago, he tells me that he has feelings for me... that he wants to comfort me and be there for me.. and the truth is, I like this guy as well... so now im lik wtf?with it.. debating whether to go for it or just stop... cuz i know if we started seeing each other, my ex is gonna make things really fairy for him and he's gonna be in a tricky mod- reb situation... *sigh*"

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