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"I can't handle life. That's a fact. I dislike it how life tends to be unfair, but at the same time since we're human we may never understand God's way. Our minds are so limited and we're so narrow-minded so why do we question things that will just make us more mad or sad? We're just stubborn and selfish people. That seriously sucks. I wish so badly that things of this world could change, but change doesn't just happen, it begins in the people first. Everyone hurts, everyone feels sorrow, everyone feels joy, so why do we act like we're the only ones that go through certain situations when there is always someone else out there that's in a more worse condition than us? I dislike it how just living in the U.S./cali sheltered me and put this comfortable living on my life. Though its a blessing it's hard for me to step out of my comfort zone and just pray with a pure and genuine heart for those that need it or want to feel God's true love and never feel empty again. Even though I sometimes say I hate people or even church, I still love them because I kno no one is perfect. So to love people or someone I hate is something that I gain 10x more than loving someone that loves me back."

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