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"I feel like I can't go out an do exercise in my yard without neighbors judging me. I walk out and I hate them seeing me, I really wish we could move to a better place but we can't afford it. dad doesn't want to move and I can see why. its a bother. I wish the neighbors couldn't see us and we had a huge fence right around. so much repair needs to be done to the place. I can't do it all or afford it all on my own. I thought I would be married and moved out by now and have a house of my own. I deserve a house of my very own. I hate the way we are expected to live in this shitty country. they expect us to live like pigs. roaches everywhere, fleas, cat chuck and litter boxes, clothing and furniture the cats ruin. I have to sleep in a bed with my mother because every other room is full of junk. I can't stand it. and that spastic wang said condescendingly "go shopping" man there is more to life then shopping you Chinese asshole. this is how asians expect whites to live here, without love, without pride. without friends and they are trying to kill us. "

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