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"I have a job interview. I am female 37 years old and I feel bad about what to wear. I couldn't even afford the clothing in this fashion label. I rarely even walk in the store. I like some of the things but it so costume and also its unpracticable clothing for everyday wear as much as some pieces are beautiful. I rarely even walk into a high end label shop or buy that. I am a very snowflake person in that regard. Their store is loud noise and looks and styles and looks like a bordello inside. I just will go with a open mind. I hate questions like "why should I employ you then?" "tell me about yourself and your last position similar to this is not too bad" but I just need the money and socialising as well as I do like some of their products. I don't think I will get the job. I am nothing flash. I am chubby and I talk too much. I want to talk to people a lot. "so what skills do you have that we need?" bla bla bla. I think "I really just want a new style interview wear they ask better questions and just give me the job on the spot and it all clicking together well" . "

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