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"I live in Vermont and I'm a member of the "Top Secret" Vermont Cheaters Anonymous! No, we're NOT what you think we are. It has to do with the recently completed contest to be named the "Official" hometown of The Simpsons. The Simpson's hometown is named Springfield, but the STATE was never revealed. So with the new Simpsons movie coming out at the end of this month, July 2007, they had this BIG contest on USA Today's website. There were 14 Springfields from around the country entered in the contest. They all submitted videos about how their Springfield should be named the Simpson's hometown. People would go to the USA Today website, watch the videos, and vote for the one they thought was the best one. Each person was allowed one vote per day. Whichever Springfield got the most votes WON. The winning Springfield gets to host the world premier of the movie. Our video, Springfield VERMONT, WON the big contest! I'm confessing that I and about 20-25 others here in Vermont (all members of the VCA) cheated by voting more than once each day. A TON more than once each day. We were all voting multiple times on a daily basis, but the race remained pretty close, Then this past weekend we really poured it on! Saturday and Sunday we voted at least 2,000 times each day. The last day of the contest, Monday, July 9th, we almost hit 3,000 votes! VERMONT WON THE CONTEST GOING AWAY ! Final tally of votes: Vermont = 15,367 (Over Half were VCA!) Illinois = 14,634 Oregon = 13,894 Massachusetts = 11,442 WE WON and all those other losers are crying and whining, bitching and moaning! HA HA !! VERMONT RULES ! Springfield, Vermont is the OFFICIAL hometown of the Simpsons! Don't have a cow, man! Eat our shorts! "

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