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"I live with my girlfriend. I’m 33 and she is 27. My neighbour has a 9 year old daughter who really liked talking to me over the fence of our yard. One day I brought her over and offered her some juice and just talked for a while. This went on over a couple of months until one day I realised I had grown feelings for her. Eventually I got the courage to convince her to touch my dick. About a week later she was licking it. Soon after that I told her what it is used for and she agreed to let me use it on her. I took her to my bed and got her naked. I kissed her lips and then licked her little pussy. I then pushed my dick into her mouth gently and taught her a bit about blowjobs. Finally I reached to my girlfriends bedside table and got hey lube. I applied a great deal to her little pussy and gently inserted a finger to get the lube inside a bit. I then covered my cock with lube then told the little girl to spread her legs. As I pushed myself inside her bit by bit I was surprised at how well she was taking it. She was visibly uncomfortable with the new feeling but wasn’t really in much pain. I finally had about 7 inches in and she said stop there. I withdrew it and gently pushed in again to the same point. I asked if this much was ok and she nodded. I began fucking her and I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt. Her pussy was so tight around my cock and sight of it was almost enough to make me cum. I built up some speed fucking her and she was now looking much more like she was enjoying it. Eventually I cum harder than I had in years. The look on her face as I cum inside her made me cum all the more. As I pulled my cock out of her she sat up and looked down at her pussy now messy with cum drooling out. I told her I loved her so much and to keep it a secret. She went home and it sank in what I had actually done. When my girlfriend got home and asked how my day was I told her it was boring and I was glad she was home. For months I was so scared the girl would tell someone but instead she came over and we would talk and usually it would just be a talk but there were 2 other times we had sex again. To this day I’ve not heard anything about her telling anyone and she still comes over for a drink and to talk. "

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