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"I lived at my grandmother's house when I was14 my uncle who is gay also lived there. I slept on the love seat and he slept on the couch. One night I woke up to him kneeling next to me and he was sucking my dick. I was in shock I didn't know what to do but it felt so good I just pretended I was sleeping. The next day I felt so ashamed but then I started thinking hey it was just a blowjob and I wasn't the gay one. So after that I started pretending to be asleep with my dick hanging out and he would suck it every night. Well one night while he was doing it I got so horny I reached down and grabbed his exposed dick. I started stroking it and I still can't get over how hot it got me. It felt so soft and smooth yet hard as a rock and hot to the touch. I still fantisize about it. Im 34 and really want to try sucking one."

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