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"I love my wife very much and she is super hot, even after three kids she "Gets my motor running" but my buddy's wife is very nice to look at also, Last weekend we went out with some friends like we always do every couple weeks, We all got together for beer and wings and ended up going back to a friends place and watched the end of a football game, Most of the group went out to smoke up and since I don't I stayed inside, He asked his wife if she wanted to go with them and she said "No", Which I thought was odd, we had been sitting beside each other so it wasn't strange that she stayed sitting beside me, We have known each other for probably 15 years, She is 33 and VERY good looking, We were talking and I knew they had been trying to have a kid, She hadn't been drinking and had stopped smoking and turned down weed, I thought maybe she was pregnant but didn't know how or if I even should ask but I said "So...No booze, no smoking and no weed, Is there a reason?", She looked a bit sad and said "No, just trying to clean up my body if you know what I mean?", I felt like a d*** and apologized, She looked a bit upset and told me not to feel bad for asking. we sat and talked and the conversation was a bit awkward but she told me that my friend had a low sperm count but wouldn't stop smoking weed like the doctor suggested, I was a bit tipsy and admittedly had been checking out her legs which are AMAZING, She leaned in and put her head on my shoulder and took a deep breath letting out a sigh, I looked down and her cleavage looked amazing, Suddenly she reached down and squeezed my c***, I jumped and said "Whoa, Um...Hold up" and pulled her hand away, She looked at me, she was breathing heavy and her hands were shaking a bit as she said "I want you to f*** me, No strings attached, Just f*** me, One time, I wont tell a soul". I was shocked and speechless, She said "Not right now but...", I said "I'm sorry, I can't", She looked at me and said "Ok...Look, I know that every time you and ******* don't use protection she gets pregnant, Just one time", I didn't know what to say and she pulled her top down, She said "you can do whatever you want as long as you finish inside me" She was sitting, cupping her beautiful, Full 33 year old b**** and I did look at them but I said "I am so sorry, its not that I wouldn't like to but I can't do that to ******* or ****", She said "Just think about it, Please...For me". Thank god just then we heard the garage door open and she put her b**** away, Everyone came back in and we drank some more and when me and my wife went to leave I went to the bedroom to get our coats and she followed me, She cornered me and said "just think about it" and took my hand putting it on her b****, I pulled away and said "OK" just to get out of there. She has called me twice this week but I didn't answer, I don't want to cause her anymore pain but I would never do it. I almost thought about telling her to take it to my wife and see if she could talk her into it but then my big head kicked in and realized that I DO NOT want her to even bring that up."

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