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"I love to be naked. I cant wait for the Summer when its warm enough to take all my clothes off. I walk around the house and garden naked (provided the neighbours are not around). It excites me to think I could be seen but I dont want to be seen, at least I thought so. Today I went to Bushy Park and it was quiet and a nice day so I took my clothes off and wandered around - I found myself near the fence next to a road, and I stood there for a while wondering if anyone would spot me. Eventually a cyclist went past and looked straight at me - twice! I stared straight back into her eyes - willing her to say something. I found that far from not wanting to be seen I actually enjoyed being seen, and derived some pleasure from giving someone a glimpse of my naked body (not thats its in great shape!). I do worry that now I will want more people to see me and start flashing regularly. I find this incredibly stimulating - sometimes I think I am a pervert but there must be other people who get off on their own nakedness and being seen by other people? Please tell me your own stories!"

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