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"I posted not too long ago a message about being a woman and having a one time fling with a co-worker. I was asking for any advice people could give me, because I was sorry for what I did. I expected compassion for my pain and understanding from other women especially. Instead, ALL people with maybe 1 or 2 exceptions blamed me and left ugly messages about my being a w****, etc, etc. I am not a w****, I am an accountant respected in my company, but I just made one single mistake. All women on this forum pointed fingers to me and told me how miserable I deserve to be and how worthless I am, but none gave me true support or advice. Now I have the strong belief that those women who replied with so much malice, feel a great degree of envy about my fling, and would do the same provided they were in the same situation. I look much better than average, and this is probably why this co-worker chose me - that's for those ugly, fat, unemployed idiotic women who talked to me with malice on the forum. "

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