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"I read books related to god.God says of mercy not harming anyone.God is really great caring loving but others are exact opposite. I spend days easily because in this birth, I know how beautiful god is.People say around me god related things are waste god doesn't exist [they believe in science not supernatural]and i say only god, only you are useful. I hide books from unfaithful people because they get furious seeing books related to god in my hands.They threatened me to throw away the books but now i made fotocopy of books to save my happiness, and hidden the original books.People say god lives in heaven but i say god lives in our emotions,I see TV shows related to god.Truth is,for my whole life god cared for me. I do dot gazing sometimes and say one prayer of an angel and enchanting of father god. 3 times when i was so ill, that i could not even get up of my bed, while reciting prayer of the angel i felt rose scent for a few seconds, the most memorable moments i want to tell whole world.Love of god is never selfish never impure.Graveyard dwellers inside my body feel pain so they try to stop me by giving me physical pain, at that time I stop, afterwards,I again pray for few seconds in mind with lips sealed.And time passes by.Doctors say I am depressed,I am mad.They force me to take anti-depression pills.I say I want to be mad but only for god because god is,was,will be for me now and always.God is truth,knowledge,empowerment,true satisfaction.I don't hate others, their beliefs are theirs, not mine."

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