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"I want my wife go black I want my wife to sleep with a black guy . About a year or so ago my wife Rhonda and I was up late one night watching a p*** and a white women was kissing a black guy and my wife is not in to it said I'm not watching that ! But she still was watching it a Faw mins went by and I seen her p**** start to get all wet . It was running down her p**** and on the bed . I started talking to her and I said to her I didn't think you r going to watch it ? I lol . She said not a word she just had a big smile on her face a Faw mins gone by and Rhonda was rubbing her t*** and p**** looking at that big black c*** she had l*** in her eye's . When I asked her if she wanted him or if she wanted to by the women with him . She then said mmmmmmm ! I want his c*** deep inside me !! I asked her if she likes him . And she moaned "yes I do" he has a nice big looking c*** I want so bad . I asked her if she likes black guys ? And she moaned I do now! I like that black c*** a lot ! Then I asked her if she would fin a hot black guy and would she f*** him . She said I don't know if I can I now I will never go back f****** a white guy again . I know I will be a white s*** for all bbc men out there . She started to moan again and said I want to be f***** by him so bad I want to feel a his bbc deep inside me! She started c****** all over the bed . I asked her if she wanted a bbc d**** and she said " yes I do" I want to feel a black c*** in my p**** . I started f****** her and I said you want to be that guys s*** for real don't you ? She moaned " oh god yes" do you want a real black guy on the side f****** you when I'm not in bed with you at night . She moaned oh god love it ! As I'm in the live room on the net watching ir p*** and j********** knowing you r being f***** by your black lover and him f****** you all night and c****** inside you? She moaned " yes" I do ! A Faw days gone by and she said I think I want a d**** ! I said ok so we want on line and started looking for one and Rhonda goes mmmmmmm ! I like that one a lot ! Oh it is nice and big and fat and black . It was 9" by 2" so she got it and Rhonda love it a lot . She will masturbates a lot now with it . I go on line in chat rooms talking to women about f****** black men and I will be in my wife's bra and panties j********** for them most women love it . I will get in a dress to or ride a black d**** for then to . I can't stop thinking of Rhonda f****** a black guy. please paint your skin black for me. fuck a black man for me. suntan black for me if you love me."

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