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"I wase 16 when we was on the swimming pool me my brother 18 years my friend 15years and there brother 17 years we went ant tailing cabin to change and put our things I feel my brother have a arection and looking my ass I feel strange but happy I turn my back to hes face to not make him a chame I fel him play with his dick I show a nice dick red color not bick a much I feel hot I told him help me by my pikini j feel her dick hot on my ass ahhhhhh I don't say any think he take it out and put her dike between my legs I and wat are you doing brother he say I can't resist your ass very nice I was so happy I told him making it fast brother he pulling down my panty and start to rubbing my ass and pussy by he cok and put the hand on my boobs and continu to fuk me but not incide only 2 minutes and coming there sperm on my ass and legs he hug me from back he say I love you sister I smile and kiss him on libs and say I love you to brother this is first relation with my brother"

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