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"I'm a male and i go onto s** chat sites armed with pics of a former female classmate and I roleplay I'm a female.I have a lot of depression and anxiety. i am a teenager and i know i just sound like weird but my parents are terrible people. they really have no concern for me. my dad hates girls and women or so he says and its made me go like this, and he wont even respond to me when I speak let alone look at me so I went way out drag infront of him and got kicked out. he wishes for a son he says, his real son, me as a son, a man, and only gives attention to his girlfriend's son so he don't know what his g'friend son is really like and what he did to me. He goes to all his games but leaves all my rave and dance and rock show events. my mom is a stressed alcoholic who takes everything out on me and has no concern for my feelings or beliefs. ive told her about killing myself and all shes done is yelled at me for breaking down into nervous shakes and fits of coughing and needing my spray, so I get more then panic attacks and she punishes me further. I hate who I've become. I hate everything that I've done. I'm not worth the money it costs to raise me. I'm not who everybody else thinks I am, and there's no reason why I should still be living. I've tried to live, but I failed. I want to die. a few months ago i was so over the edge and i made a vow and to her . First off I know Im a loser and I don't have shame the girls are bitchy because they are jealous of me. Yes, I'll admit it, I'm attractive but honestly its still something that haunts my mind. a good make out session. i could never do it but i dont feel comfortable living with her. I haven't had a good guy in a year.I feel like I'm wasting time at my college and with my parents and I can't bare the people they are with. Just wanted to get that off my chest. for real its not like I didn't tell them I was gonna move in with him."

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