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" I'm being abused by two guys, who are brothers, that I went to high school with. Its been going on for almost a year and yet I continue to go to their house every Saturday night. Its hard to justify but I withstand the abuse because of the total sexual satisfaction of it. They insist on undressing me and once naked I am in a state of arousal for hours. How I orgasm so often while being completely humiliated I don't know. There isn't a sexual act that they haven't done to me at one time or another. I am dominated by them and being screwed as I suck the other one. I am subjected to anal sex with them and the way sex toys and vibrators are used on me is so embarrassing yet I still have continuous orgasms. I am spanked by them each time and have had intercourse in every position possible. I lay there as they take turns penetrating both my vagina and rectum with a pair of vibrators. When they do this they have me sucking their penis. Its degrading but I don't even complain when they ejaculate on my body and in my mouth. When I wake up Sunday mornings these guys make me breakfast not letting me dress after my shower. Before I go home I either give both oral sex or at least masturbate them. They treat me like a piece of meat but I just keep going back. What is wrong with me that I let these guys take advantage of me. As bad as they treat me sometimes I orgasm more with them than I have ever done any other time. I suppose being humiliated by them has something to do with the way I get aroused. They spank me every week and I never had anyone spank me naked before. I must be crazy because my butt is black and blue when they are done. They don't do this a lot but they have jerked off putting their penis between my breasts and purposely cum in my face. I never have told them to stop doing anything and they never ask if anything is ok. So I am the one who is a fool."

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