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"Indeed, at that time, they were subjected to violence, using their backs to carry out violence, which is a kind of physical violence, physical violence of course also belongs to violence, and has a serious impact on them, adverse effects, I committed a crime, which is a kind of intentional injury, I committed the crime of intentional injury, and then again through language injury. Harm them, whether physical violence or verbal violence, this is an excessive act, should not occur, because this is violence, not friendship and love between people, absolutely not. I have committed a crime. Now that I have committed a crime, the first thing is to accept punishment, how many years to change the sentence, and the second is to apologize to the victim and compensate for all the losses. These two indispensable, because the past things, can not escape, you do not say clearly, future life estimates can not continue. It's clear. If it's not enough to say it once, we'll say it ten times a day, one hundred times a thousand times a day, until it's clear."

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