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"Jin Mu is a man of water and fire. Mr. Liu is a man of five elements who is unworthy of his life. What is destiny? Destiny is the habit of being born into a gene, inherited from generation to generation. Everyone's personality, habits and abilities are different, which makes everyone's fate different. How to transform fate? To change our destiny, we should start with changing our habitual character. We should learn to benefit others and ourselves. We should learn to win-win situation. If we don't kill, we won't die. If we don't do what is harmful to others and ourselves, we can't do what is harmful to ourselves. Behavior determines habits, habits determine character, and character determines destiny. Which man or woman does not pursue "big and hard"?! What's wrong with being a big and hard man? To learn from Comrade Liu Yinong, the so-called "Starting with Yan Value, Respecting Talents, and Final Personality" and the so-called "Ten years to build the same ferry, a hundred years to build a sleeping pillow together." Things are precious because they are scarce. The so-called good things are either uncommon or fleeting, knowing perfection or pursuing perfection. The so-called "kill for life, debt repayment." Come out sooner or later to pay back, change to be an athlete, earn millions, return home 500,000, treat mother 500,000, repay mortgage 500,000, buy Porsche 500,000... To live a quality life, money is essential. Mr. Liu's entrepreneurship and athletic career should also be seven-point talent, three-point sweat, no talented person, no matter how much he runs, he can't run 230, 210, 205. Mr. Liu is black, with long height and legs, light body, ethnic advantages, body size advantages and physical advantages. The best use should not be wasted. Mr. Liu changed his name and became a new man. He failed to catch up with the 20 weak champions. He must catch up with the 30 weak champions. He must be an inner rich man, a moral man, a rational man, and then a rich man. The so-called thing is only three times. It's too much to gamble poisonously, spoil one family, bastard one, and lose half a million family members. For anyone, internal is very important, followed by wealth. Money is a neutral word, but people associate it with money worship and vulgarity, and it turns into a derogatory term. In fact, owning wealth is a good thing. It can improve a person's social status and quality of life, and the horizon also becomes bigger. The so-called poverty limits my imagination. Poverty, I am afraid, is a very shameful thing!!! But three things, in the future will no longer be tainted with gambling poison, self-purification, refuse to tempt, will not do harm to their own things. External, coercive means are very important, because some people just can't control themselves, such people must have external, coercive means to restrain, just like prisoners in prison. Come on, big Liu, insist on a month, lose weight 90 Jin, return to the weight of the fourth year! Long distance running has always been a long-cherished wish for you. Don't let others know. Just do it, Believe it or not, where amazing happens."

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