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"Laurie has been working for me since she got out of high school, she is 23 years old now. I'm 53, divorced and live with my girlfriend. I have 4 employees who deliver from my courier business and Laurie is in the office with me everyday. She tells me everything and when I say that I mean she tells me all of her history, growing up, aches/pains, health and her sex life. She's had a few boyfriends over the years but not for a long time now. She is semi-cute but does have a nice figure and often wears some revealing outfits. About two years ago she told me she had a small lump on her breast. When I suggested she show it to me she exposed her left breast to me having me feel the lump. It turned out to be nothing then another time she pulled her pants and panties down enough to show me a bruise on her ass. A little over a year ago she began telling me she faked orgasms with her boyfriend and just couldn't have one. She began telling me the ways they made out and all the sex positions they did and how nothing seemed to stimulate her. Last summer she complain about a rash she had telling me it was around her crotch area and up the crack of her butt. I just said let me see it and she was wearing a skirt that day and pulled it up but only showing me the rash on her crotch. I didn't see her vagina but knew right away she shaved down there. I told her I'd get something for her and went to the drug store. I got a cream they use for babies with a rash and handed it to her. I wasn't serious when I said this but asked her if she wanted me to put it on her. At first she said it would be to embarrassing but a few minutes later said she would like me to do it. I got her to sit on the desk and lay back and had her take off her panties. She just laid there and I put the cream all around her vagina first and then began putting it on her butt and wiping some on her anus as well. I began doing this everyday for almost a whole week and the 3rd time I did it she seemed to get aroused from it. I asked her if she was and she admitted she was. That was the first time I penetrated her vagina and ended up with her having 2 orgasms. Since then I masturbate her a couple times a week and for the last 8 months have been able to have her jerk me off. My girlfriend would surely dump me if she knew what goes on in my office every week. I would like to fuck her but she has told me no several times so I don't mention it anymore. She has no problem laying naked on my desk and I do play with her breasts. I never get naked and only drop my pants for her to jerk me off. She has orgasms every time and I think she is on the verge of letting me use some sex toys on her but not yet. I showed her a vibrator I bought for her but so far she's afraid to let me use it on her. I think sooner or later she'll let me have sex with her and maybe give me oral sex. So far all we do is masturbate each other. "

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