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"Me and my sister was drinking in the Living room while watching TV Last night. Her husband was sleeping in their room upstairs.He had massive stroke and being half paralyzed for over 2 years. She looks totally hot . I told her she should get someone on the side to take care of her business. She smiled and try to hit me for saying that. I caught her in the middle of it and pulled her toward me. She did not resist. I hugged her and kissed her Cheek, told her that i love her. She hold be back and told me it felt good to hug someone warm and caring. We had few more drinks,Laughing and joking with each other,having good time. It was almost 2 AM. All on a sudden she told me if don't mind to hug her again? I said sure. She scoot over toward me and I hug her tightly while she lay in my chest. I start stroking her hair and kiss her gently on her both cheek. Her breathing start to get deeper. She squeezed me hard and hold on to me. I caress her hair and kissed her eyes and her ears. She did not mid. I start caressing her back and , her neck , beck of her hair. Her hands get really tight on my back. I kissed her lips and she kissed be back, and told me she love me. I got a huge erections and she was breathing heavily. All on a sudden she grab my cock and start rubbing it gently. I grabbed her bottom , start caressing her and put tongue inside her mouth . She returned teh favor while pull me over her ,lying on the couch. I started slowly dry humping her Vagina( it is all wet over her gown) while unbuttoning her night gown. I star kissing her nipple while caressing her dripping wet pussy. She pulled my short and start stroking my cock.After few minutes we claw each other out , she moisten my cock with her saliva and guide my cock in her dripping pussy. I took my time and put my cock in her dripping wet pussy inch my inch.My cock felt like it had hit a lava land, she was so hot and so wet. Finally I shoved my cock in her pussy all the way ,let her have it all the. She want to moan so bad but i put my hand on her mouth for teh fear of waking my Brother in law. We fucked each other on the Sofa for about 30 minutes until we have our orgasm. Then I took her in the my room and made love to her for few more times. It was the Best sex I have had for a long time. We really enjoyed each other and I took a good care of her. Next morning we could not look at each other and Feeling guilty for what happened in Between us but it felt sooo good and It was so intense. I told her I love her dearly and looking forward to enjoy her again. She laughed and said we will see that in the future. and she did not disappoint me. we became the best brother and sister lovers. "

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