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"Since spring time I have been watching a boy I know from school. I have not only see him naked a very lot of times but watch him masturbate on his bed. I live in a 4th floor apartment with my mom and the window in my room is the exit for the fire escape. Last spring I just went out there one night and saw that his room was on the fire escape to. He does have the shade pulled down but at the bottom of it its up about a inch. I'm a sophomore and he is a freshman but I see him every morning and most afternoons. I do talk to him sometimes and know he likes my friend Erin who he meets after school most of the time. If his light is on I go out and peek in his window and still see him naked at least a couple times a week. He lays in his bed and I see him looking at porn on his laptop. He plays with himself for awhile and ends up jerking off. I like watching him but never tell Erin about it. Its funny sometimes because of the expression on his face when he is done and the way he moves his hips. He likes to play with his balls and he kind of tickles himself. When he is in bed I am only about 6 feet away from him and glad he always has his lights on. I only go out there when its dark out and his light is on because I'm afraid he would see me. "

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