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"So angry He just got another package in the mail. It's more parts for one of those stupid cars that he's "restoring". I have been looking for a job for 5 months. We just had to replace hundreds of dollars worth of parts on our 2 normal, everyday regular cars just to keep them running. We had to replace the washing machine last week because the motor conked out and he's supposed to get a root canal this week. oh, and that $250 dollar speeding ticket he got that has to be paid in 2 weeks. I barely spent any money even before all this and now I'm cutting back on how much toothpaste I use and I'm making bread from scratch to save money, for god's sake! We're on the verge of being evicted from our home!I asked my friends for help in paying for school supplies for the kids!! And he has the effing gall to spend money on this!? He'll be lucky if I don't sell those piece of junk right out from under him!! I hate him so much right now."

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