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"There are physical, behavioral, linguistic, ideological and ideological violence that deliberately hurt them. It hurts others, it hurts itself, no matter what happens, no matter who's responsible, it's hoped that things will pass, that the parties will forget, reconcile with themselves, and come out sooner or later, it's hoped that something like that will never happen again in this world, and that killing or killing will happen. It's really not interesting; to use the back to hurt others, and finally to use their own back to return, burrs in the back may be used to describe me this kind of person! I hope Mr. Liu can grow up as soon as possible, to be a moral, rational, EQ person, a person with a head and a face, a senior person, a useful person, a person of social status, a person to be seen. People do not fight for themselves, but they can not be selfish. Perhaps, looking down on people, bullying and cowardly is a crime. It is wrong. One day, Mr. Liu will become a man of morality, reason, emotional intelligence, a man with a head and a face, a senior man, a useful man, a person of social status, a person to be seen. No matter what happened, Mr. Liu will surely grow up and become a man of morality, reason, EQ, a man of head and face, a senior man, a useful man, a man of social status, a man of entertainment. We should know that it is wrong to impose our will on others. We should learn to be human and respect each other. Never impose our will on others and think in a different way. Gold, wood, water, fire and earth, all the problems that Mr. Liu encountered were caused by "ability problems" and "poverty". Morality is more important than ability, more important than IQ and fundamental things, before really do not know these things, people living in the world are "self-sufficiency", there is no unreasonable love, there is no unreasonable hatred. Mr. Liu's efforts now will make him a man of morality, reason, EQ, a man of head and face, a man of high rank, a man of useful use, a man of social status, a man of entertainment, a man of weak crown, 20 years old before things, in fact, are not important at all, not important at all. It's not important at all, important things are said three times, but the problems reflected before the age of 20 are important, because if problems are not solved, these mistakes will be made again, the karma will be rebuilt, and crimes will be committed again. Therefore, to reflect on things, we must not be opinionated or be obstinate. If Mr. Liu sticks to the three principles of "love others as yourself", "accumulate virtue to do good" and "big and hard", he will surely reap the most precious things in the world, such as moral sense, ability, intelligence, wealth and friends. Friends are the pursuit of "weak countries without diplomacy"? Not at all. Friends are also divided into many kinds. True friends are definitely not sought after. The so-called "door to door" does not mean external money or social status, but refers to the moral sense, ability, intelligence, emotional quotient between friends. These internal things, if not internal and external, what is there? What about righteousness? If you have the inside and the time is ripe, the external things will come naturally. A person living in the past, indulge in the past, can not get out, fall down can not stand up, can not look forward, can not grasp the time to grow and progress, this is a disease, medicine can not stop! The so-called "pro-gentleman, far and small people", the so-called can not "self-abandonment", the so-called "dog bites a dog a mouthful of hair", the so-called "crows under heaven as black", the real villains and cowards, will never think that they are evil or cowardly, they will not reflect on, they will not persist in redemption to the end, this is their life, the fate is Real existence. If the cause and effect are not false and true, we will defeat the real villain and the husband. Hailan talks about abstaining from lust, abstaining from lust, staying away from sex, rejecting pornography, gambling, temptation, refuse "garbage man", carrying out the struggle against imperialism and feudalism to the end, facing the enemy, must not be soft-hearted, the revolution has not yet succeeded, comrades still need to work hard!!!"

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