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"This girl Norma is 26 yrs. old and has lived across the street from me for about 6 years. She lives with her mother and during the summer her mother pays me to cut the grass and when it snows shovel the driveway. I'm 18 and this summer Norma started all over again. Her mom is at work when I cut the grass and Norma always had me come in for ice tea or lemon aide. I've been doing this for two years and every once in awhile Norma would ask me to show her my penis. I know she isn't to smart and she isn't very pretty at all and I always said no. This past June she started asking me almost begging me to take my clothes off for her. She just kept saying she wanted to look at me naked. It was the beginning of July when she said she would pay me 10 dollars if I would let her see me naked. I said ok and took my shirt and shorts off and just pulled my underwear down for her to see me penis. She kept begging me to take them off and when I did she had me turn around a couple times. Then she asked if she could touch it and as soon as she did I got a hard on. She just put her hand around it and when I got the erection she let go of it. I'm not sure why I wasn't embarrassed and asked her if she wanted me to jerk off and all she said was "sure". She had been asking me to strip for her for a long time and now I wish I did before. I liked her looking at me and the way she watched me jerk off turned me on more. The rest of the summer I did this whenever I cut their grass and 5 times when I saw her out front and she asked if I wanted to come over. I never took any money from after the first time knowing she didn't have a job that year. She never asked to touch me again but just liked looking at my body. I always knew she was weird and never saw her with a guy or having a boyfriend. She made me swear I wouldn't tell her mother which I never would anyhow. She sits on a chair when I do this always on the enclosed patio in the yard. And has me stand real close to her and hold my penis up to look at my balls. She has had me bend over and pull my cheeks apart to look at my anus which is really weird. She seems fascinated with looking at my genitals and hardly ever looks me in the eyes. When I am masturbating she is always intent watching me ejaculate and only asks me if it feels good. I have fun doing it but wonder why a girl her age is so desperate to see a guys privates. Her mom is a real nice lady and a friend of my mom. I think Norma is a little backward and strange but I know she is always happy to see me even when I'm not naked. "

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