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"Tonight I got really pissed at my best friend for raggin on my kid. She always feels the need to correct my kids. To make them feel two inches tall. And if she doesn't get her way. Watch out. Every few years we really fight bad because she is very manipulative and tries to control everyone's lives. She got mad I got mad she was walking toward my kid and I threw my soda can at her. it hit her on the head square. she said she was gonna pass out, She started yelling and screaming then came over and punched me in the face hard. her husband got mad and started screaming about the neighbors. she went to the hospital to have her head checked out. i remained calm enough not to punch her lights out when she hit me back. sometimes i can't believe the stuff that she does. i think that she is stealing from people and she lies a lot. more then is normal. she always has to be right. she will do anything to cover her butt. i get so mad at her bad behavior. Now i am screwed. she will probably press charges if she's injured. She likes to fake injuries to get money too. What a glorious day this has turned out to be. My kids are freaked out. her kids are freaked out and we both have injuries. Points go to letting some stupid getting the best of you. "

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